• Phill Danze


Homemade LSA © Phill Danze

Eating healthily can be expensive. Let's face it, it is cheaper to buy a fast food burger than a healthy salad. It is cheaper to drink sugary fizzy drinks than bottled water.

Making your own food is also often cheaper than eating out or buying pre-packaged food. Sometimes we need to plan ahead though and in our busy lives that can be challenging; I get it, but it's not impossible.

Here is my DIY recipe for LSA, that could save you about 30%-40% of buying it ready made. LSA is that nutty, coarse ground up powerhouse of linseeds, sunflower seeds, and almonds. If you're wondering what SLAP is, it's the same as LSA, but with added pumpkin seeds for added Zinc.

Click here to download more information about LSA, how to make it, and tips to preserve its Omega-3 oils

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