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Nutrition and Weight Management Coaching

A Healthier You

We are all different. Some of us want to lose weight, some want to gain weight or add muscle. Some are happy with their weight but know they could improve their dietary habits to improve their overall health and wellbeing.​

These coaching sessions are designed around your needs using various tools and strategies to set your path and maximise success.

At OOMPH! you are in the driver's seat, it's all about self-empowerment through knowledge; it's all about you.

Standard session: $75 1hr session

Kickstarter: $170 (3 x 1hr sessions)


Outdoor Group Fitness
(Blackwood, South Australia)

STRONG Nation group fitness class.

Moderate to high intensity, bodyweight strength, muscle conditioning, and cardio program; all perfectly synced to the music.

Requires moderate fitness level and pre-exercise screening prior to your first class.

Class times:

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Personal Training

Get More Out of Life

Research shows that many of us don't do enough physical activity or exercise. Similarly many of us start an exercise program but don't stick to it in the longer term. Many of us simply don't start.

Exercise is an important contributor to long term health and weight management; but it does't have to be nightmarish or mean endless hours in the gym or on a treadmill at home.

Let me help you set your exercise goals, uncover your motivational barriers and write and coach your exercise program. Discover strategies that work for you that put you in the driver's seat to long-term success.

Pricing varies depending on your needs.

Please contact me for more information.


Got questions? Please contact me and let's have a complimentary virtual session/chat.

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