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Get to Know Me

Oomph! Health Coaching's mission is to change lives and our motto is "Your Life, Your Way".

My name is Phill Danze and my journey started in my 40's when I realised that as a vegetarian, I wasn't eating that well (I was basically under-nourished), I was unfit, and not happy with my weight and body composition.

My nutrition and fitness journey and its relation to helping me get into the best shape of my life led me down the path to study nutrition and personal training.

I have a passion for healthy eating and coaching people to make better, more informed food choices.

We don't count calories at Oomph! and we don't think skinny is better. We believe in health at every size, listening to our body's cues, and that everyone has different goals and needs.

Whether you are looking to lose some weight, gain some weight, just eat better, prepare for a sporting event or need motivation to keep you on track with a plan you have started, I'd love to be by your side.